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This page lists archived training related to the SHIP and its priority areas. For a list of upcoming training opportunities, visit the calendar.

Training and Information About Illinois SHIP

SHIP Overview
Kevin Hutchison, R.N., M.S., M.P.H., executive director, St. Clair County Health Department; Member SHIP ICC. Delivered at the 2013 Illinois Southern Rural Public Health Institute.

Other Training Related to SHIP Priority Areas and Health In Illinois

Building Healthier Communities Through Sticky Design
Speaker: Mark Fenton
Presentation Slides | Presentation Video
See related resources and slides at Mark Fenton's website.

Building Community Engagement With a Walk
Speaker: Mark Fenton
Walk Video

Rural Tobacco Prevention, Cessation, and Policy Enforcement
Speakers: Paul Wilkens, Carrie Boelens, Gail DeVito
Presentation Slides: Wilkens, Boelens, DeVito
Presentation Audio with Slides: Wilkens, Boelens, DeVito

Promoting Healthy Smoke-free Living
Speakers: April Bailey, Matt Maloney
Presentation Slides: Bailey, Maloney
Presentation Audio with Slides: Bailey, Maloney

Rural Hospitals and Communities Working Together – Value of the Community Health Needs Assessment
Speakers: Pat Schou, Terry Madsen
Presentation Slides
Presentation Video

Speaker: Roger Holloway
Presentation Slides
Presentation Video

Evidence-based Approaches to Childhood Obesity: Baby Friendly Hospitals
Speaker: Beth Seidel
Presentation Slides
Presentation Audio with Slides

Bridging the Gap for Stronger Communities: The Challenge of Making it Happen in Your Community
Speaker: Miriam Link-Mullison
Presentation Slides
Presentation Video


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